GUEST POST – Celebrate Poetry for Winter

Two poems for the season from poet and novelist Paddy Eger



The eagle scans the canal

From his tree snag above the shore.

Gulls glide and squawk

Disappearing into descending clouds

Winter ducks float and dive

Creating waves of concentric circles.

Perching birds nibble cones

Flitting deep into protective foliage.

Squirrels race along branches

Barking at competitors.

Fog blanks out the world beyond the shore.


Winter Senses


winter in its home of fir bough and pine cones


to crackling fires drowning out icy winds


clear blue skies, frosty windows, and icicles


festive spiced wine and mingled warm flavors


icy ledges, cold door knobs, and woolen scarves

Blended together, we’ll enjoy the season


Paddy Eger is the author of the award-winning ballet-themed trilogy: 84 Ribbons, When the Music Stops-Dance On, and Letters to Follow- Dancer’s Adventure. She also writes Educating America, materials for classroom assistants.



2 thoughts on “GUEST POST – Celebrate Poetry for Winter

  1. A little freaked out by feeling frozen, skidding over ice patches in the parking lot, I smiled reading these poems, so sensual, so rich and suddenly the winter cold spell was delicious! Paddy Eger’s poetry will do that to you!!


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